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What is Agilewiz BPMS® / Agilewiz.AI

The main differentiator lies not in “what is delivered” but “the manner in which it is delivered”. It is a known fact that any customer implementing an ERP undergoes a traumatic experience in the actual implementation. It is in this area that iWeb has ensured that its main product called iWEB ENTERPRISE SUITE® and its various modules are created under its own application framework Agilewiz which is a Business Process Management Suite (BPMS)® having its own Rule Engine or Business Rules Management System (BRMS). This ensures that implementers do not have to repeatedly rely on software principals for critical but necessary customisation of the product.

In order to understand what iWeb Technology Solutions can do for you it is imperative to understand the Agilewiz Business Process Development Suite® as it is the main differentiator of their offerings vis-à-vis the competition. When managing and improving business processes, the complexity of information systems can quickly begin to limit rather than enable business operations. The Agilewiz Business Process Management Suite (BPMS)® with the in-built Business Rules Engine breaks this cycle by allowing you to create IT solutions based on your business processes & business rules, rather than on your IT systems.

Using Agilewiz BPMS®, both technical and non-technical professionals can model business processes using the same simple, accessible tools. You can rapidly create and change IT applications, while focusing on the tasks and activities critical to your business, free of any restrictions from underlying information systems. So with a little training on the system any ordinary person can use the software.

Agilewiz BPMS® helps software developers to Analyze, Prototype, Develop, Test and Implement Business Application Solutions in an easy, fast & low cost manner and the output is readily usable business applications built on the Agile & LessCode principals.

Agilewiz BPMS® is thus as fast as you need it to be, taking the shortest time from design to implementation stage for any business requirement for any vertical. It also provides performance that improves in a near-linear way as new resources are added to the equation. Providing the highest availability for the lowest T.C.O, It’s the best bang for your buck in these troubled times.

It is no wonder then, that with such innovative and marketable software on their hands that they are partnered with giants like Microsoft, Amazon & Alibaba Cloud.

Their Business offerings are centred around three major categories:

1.  On premise-licence Sales: of iWeb Enterprise Suite® consists of solutions with the following modules:

      • Campus Automation System / Education Management System (EMS)
      • Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)
      • People Relationship Management (PRM)
      • Finance Management (FM)
      • Enterprise Information System(EIS)
      • External Device Interface(XDI)
      • Enterprise Business Intelligence(EBI)
      • Document Management System(DMS)
      • Integrated University Management System (IUMS)

The above solutions are offered modular as well as a comprehensive suite depending on customer needs. 

2. Software as a Service (SAAS) / Public Cloud Model This covers Academic & Non Academic modules of the IUMS / EMS system to digitize the educational institute. This revenue stream is being activated with the help of a very large and reputed organization in the coming months. This service model is the current hot project and is finding increased acceptance from a large number of customers. 90% of our customers work with us on the Public Cloud.

3. Joint Product or Solution marketing via iWeb Worldwide Dealers – This involves providing solutions built around the Software Framework –AgileWiz BPMS® / Agilewiz.AI

Technical Details of Agilewiz BPMS® / Agilewiz.AI

Agilewiz BPMS®  is a system tool which can build fully functional application modules by feeding the appropriate metadata as input. Based on user requirements, there can be flexible customizations made to the framework before the application is built.

 This document throws light on all the explicit features, developed in phase 1, by providing a prototype of each feature. The features which are developed are listed in the Functional Requirements section of this document and a detailed description of each page of the application is provided in the functional description section of this document. Additionally, a description of the proposed solution gives a rough idea of the architecture on which this application is built. 

Functional Requirements (Scope of Work) 

The scope of work for phase 1 includes the following:

Date base/Table selection/maintenance

Page generation/preview (page layout)


Meta Data creation and maintenance

Printing Feature

Email creation

Chat Integration

Shortcut links


oAdd to favourites


oQuick Add

Personalization of pages (changing theme)

Set up creation and compilation

Solution creation

oSFA application creation

WCF implementation

oRule engine – for 2 rules viz:

Data type rule integration – Default selection of date/time picker user control when selected component is for Date of Birth (DOB)

Formula rule integration – Calculation for Gross (Gross = HRA+BA-PF)

Process Engine


The WCF Rules service will bifurcate and maintain all the rules for different applications. These rules are sent as xml to the Agilewiz®  for binding the controls, page and flow.

7 Layer Creation

The class files for every layer should get generated and compiled and referred in every layer. Also call to the insert stored procedure from the persistent engine should be made for every respective page in the UI. Also there should be a common method which takes care of calling the stored procedure.

Email Creation 

The email creation facility will enable the user to send and receive emails through the application.

The user will enter the destination email id and self email id to send any email. Currently in the application, the user will only be able to send an email.

Chat Functionality

This feature will enable the user to chat with other users of the same application module.

The user needs to select a channel so that a chat window can start.

 Meta data creation

User can create metadata or can even use the existing meta data respective to the application he is going to create. The user’s meta data or script or any artefacts will undergo approval process.

Table creation/Maintenance

Before the user starts working on the application, he is enabled to select the tables with which he needs to work on.

This particular feature allows the user to select the server and then the tables. Along with creation of new tables and columns, a user can even delete columns and tables.

State Transition

The first level of state transition was implemented. The Approve/Rejected/Close/On Hold transition will be the state of the document at any point of time. It will be initiated when the document is created by the user.

Solution Creation

The final process that is created using Agilewiz®  is termed as the final solution.

Agilewiz®  will create a solution for different applications like SFA, CRM, SRM etc. based on the preferences and customizations of the end user, and once developed it will be deployed on the computer systems of the end user.

The solution which is created will be packaged with all the functionalities like the editor, bonded rules, user controls, specific pages etc.

Once this solution is finally integrated at the client side, the end user can start using the application at his end.

Set up creation and compilation

The user is provided with a setup .exe file. On installing this setup the solution will be built and deployed on client IIS.

Process Engine

The Table creation for the destination database [which the generated application needs to use], deploying the stored procedures, Solution creation, compilation of the solution and setup creation are all done by this process engine.

Once the setup creation is completed, user can take the setup.exe and the associated files to his location and using setup.exe he can extract and deploy the application into IIS. These are taken care by the setup.exe.

Agilewiz.AI – Snapshot of our LessCode Agilewiz.AI BPaaS engine with voice

Agilewiz.AI – Deep Dive into Agilewiz.AI engine without voice over

Agilewiz.AI – Another Deep Dive technical video showing the working of Agilewiz.AI cum BPMS engine in a BPaaS flavor without voice over.

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Agilewiz (which means a Flexible Wizard) is a Business Process Management Suite
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