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iWeb Technology Solutions products and services are designed to offer a wide range of software solutions for the Enterprise Management System in both domestic and international markets. iWEB ENTERPRISE SUITE, our core product, is an Enterprise Resource Management application comprising of several modules to provide integrated end-to-end business solutions. The modules can be independently modified to address the varying/specific needs of customers across business verticals and markets.

iWEB ENTERPRISE SUITE is built around a unique framework created and enhanced with our Business Process Management Tool called AgileWiz.AI® . It provides an industry-leading Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based Business Process Management System (BPMS) in-built with its own Rules Engine that enables enterprises to design and continually optimise their business processes. Agilewiz.AI® BPMS along with its Business Rules Management System (BRMS) allows enterprises to take control of Information Technology (IT) complexity and achieve key organisational objectives thereby bringing IT and business needs in perfect alignment. The web-based architecture enables iWEB ENTERPRISE SUITE to be offered on a global delivery model popularised by IT industry leaders.

At iWeb Technology Solutions, we have developed Agilewiz.AI® – Our copyrighted technology and are pursuing patent for the same. Agilewiz.AI® (which means a Flexible Wizard) is a Business Process Management Suite (BPMS), a Knowledge Base as well as an Application Generator which creates multi vertical & horizontal applications like ERP, CRM, SCM, HR, Payroll, Finance, Quality, Production, eCommerce, eGovernance, Education Management, Hotel Management, Hospital Management etc on the fly. In the true sense, architecture of Agilewiz.AI® has been designed ground up and is independent of technology. To sum it up – Agilewiz.AI® is an innovative technology working across databases, which can on-demand operate under various models including SaaS & PaaS platforms. Even Software giants like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft cannot re-create & expand itself on-the-fly due to use of rigid technologies and an embedded hard-wired knowledge base. While an Agilewiz.AI® can re-create & expand itself, build e.g. An ERP Application or an eGovernance application on-the-fly due to its technology independent architecture, Non-Wired, Structured & Enhanced Knowledge Base available in the Public or Private domain making it truly on-demand!!!

iWeb Technology Solutions Business offerings are available through three distribution channels:

1.   Licensing of iWeb Enterprise Suite® consisting of solutions with the following modules offered
individually as well as collectively depending on customer needs:
Education Management System (EMS) [Schools / Colleges / Universities]
Integrated University Management System-IUMS®
Academic / Campus Management Cloud ERP
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Supply Relationship Management (SRM)
Manufacturing Resource Management (MRM)
People Relationship Management (PRM)
Finance Management (FM)
Quality Management(QM)
Enterprise Development Interface(EDI)
External Device Interface(XDI)
iWeb Enterprise SuiteTM Device Apps (Mobile / PDA)
Enterprise Business Intelligence(eBI) with XBRL Compliance Platform
eGovernance Products & Solutions – Healthcare
eGovernance Products & Solutions – Hotel & Tourism
eGovernance Products & Solutions – Temple Management System
eGovernance Products & Solutions – Fintech (Financial Inclusion Products)
Document Management System(DMS)
Knowledge Management (KM)
Sales Force Automation
Production & Production Planning Management System
Payroll & Employee Relationship Management System
Hospital Management
iWeb Enterprise SuiteTM Vehicle Management System
Helpdesk Management System
Project Management
Export Management
Finance & Excise Management
BPO / KPO Services-Accounts, Payroll, Production, IT, HelpDesk

2. Software as a Service Model (SaaS) / Public Cloud – This covers Academic & Non Academic modules of the IUMS / EMS system to digitize the educational institute. Software as a Service on the Public Cloud is gaining momentum as the next generation of IT solutions and is garnering increasing acceptance from a large number of enterprise customers. 90% of our customers work out of Public Cloud.

3. Joint Product or Solution Marketing via iWeb Technology Solutions Worldwide Dealers This essentially involves providing solutions built around our Software Framework and usage of our Business Process Management Suite, AgileWiz.AI in conjunction with our certified partners.

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Make in India Week, Mumbai, Feb 2016
Red Herring Asia Finalists, 2015
CeBIT Bangalore, 2014
Bharatiya Vigyan Sammelan & Expo, Goa, 2015
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Agilewiz (which means a Flexible Wizard) is a Business Process Management Suite
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iWeb Technology Solutions with the active and joint participation of its partners is ideally placed to provide compelling and assured products and consultancy in the extended domain of Enterprise-wide Software & Solutions across verticals on the SaaS, PaaS - Web 2.5, Cloud Computing, Mobility & eGovernance Platforms to suffice all the IT needs of our clients. Partners can build radical, multi-device, on-demand business solutions using our innovative technology 'Agilewiz®'

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