Fee Collection with Accounts & Finance

Fee Collection with Accounts & Finance

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Sub Modules

FM Fee Management

Configurable fee rule process available so that fees can be configured program wise, year wise or category wise by creating fee categories

FPO Fee Payment -Online/ Offline

Online Mode: Student needs to login with their own registration no. & do the fee payment.

Offline Mode: If any student has brought the cheque /DD /Cash, then admission convener can save the payment details.

FI Fee Installments

Students can do the partial fee payment.

FPC Fee Payment Cancelation

Fee payment transaction can be cancelled.

FR Fee Refund

Excess student fee amount can be return back to the student

MFP Miscellaneous Fee Payment- Online/Offline

Fees such as Transfer certificate, Examination fee, Provisional Certificate etc. can be paid which are not a part of the academic fees.

FR Online Payment

Payment of these fees can be done online using payment gateways, wallet or in cash, DD, cheque, Challan etc. modes. Installment wise payments are also permitted.

FiM Finance Management

  • Accounts Group/Chart of Accounts/Opening Balance.
  • Receivables and Payables modules
  • Cash Management
  • Cost/Center/Annual Budgeting/ Tax Structures
  • Funds & Grants Management
  • Track Payables/ Vendor Ageing Analysis
  • Raise Debit/ Credit Notes
  • Journal Voucher Transaction
  • Cash book Entries and managing the registers automatically
  • Advance Management and its settlement
  • Generate receipts on Settlement Bills
  • Inter P&A transfer
  • Income & Expenditure Reports
  • Detailed Grants Utilization
  • Balance sheet
  • Account Statements
  • Scheme wise Revenue Expenditure

OB Online Budgeting

  • Defining Budget Heads
  • Proposed Budget Management
  • Budget Allocation
  • Integrated Budget Management with Receipt and Expenditure Management
  • Budget Reports