Student Exams & Results

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Sub Modules

EMS Examination Management System

ERc Examination Rules and configuration

Configurable Exam Rules can be created for examination as required by the board

RH Roll number/Hall ticket no allocation for examination

Roll nos for the examination can be created automatically and printed. Intimated to the students can be given via portal, sms or email

ES Exam Schedule

Exam schedule can be defined in the system and published for the students in portal

Eca Examination centre allocation

Manual allocation of the examination center for the students degree courses wise can be provided in the system. Notification of center allocation would be provided  to students and hall tickets would have this information

EC Exam Hall/Calls Room definition

Classroom capacity, rows, column etc. can be defined in the system so that based on the same seating arrangement can be made.

Sa Seating arrangement

Configurable screen would be provided for making seating arrangements during exam before hall ticket is printed

Em External examiners management

College Exam Dept can set the examiners in the system

I Invigilation

Invigilator based on the exam classrooms or halls can be assigned in the system

Qp Question paper upload

Facility to upload the question paper online by the designated faculty and once the Question paper is finalized by the exam department OTP based downloading of question paper

AM Assignment Management

  • Uploading –Browse & attach (Any format)  – Staff & Student Portal
  • Viewing the Attached file – Staff & Student Portal
  • Report highlighting assignments not completed
  • Reminder on the assignment last date

Imo Internal marks feeding online

Subject wise marks can be entered manually in the system. Subject in charge in each college will feed the marks online manually

Faf Faculty assessment feeding

Subject in charge in each college will feed the marks online

Ea Examination attendance

  • Manually examination related attendance can Maintenance of Question banks – course wise.
  • Manual paper setting
  • Offline (for Subjective) exam options
    Exam Supervisor will mark the absent students for each exam in the system
  • Preparation of paper wise absentee list
  • Attendance could be tracked via smartcards for which cards and device has to be procured and provided by College

CAp Centralized Assessment process

CAP center process with dual authentication is also available in the system so that the marks entries can be done centrally

Ace Answer sheet encoding

Method is available where the encoded nos can be generated from the software which hides the student’s identity and then the complete assessment of the answer sheet is done. Answers allotment process is there to examiners

Fmf Final marks feeding

Examiner for each subject will input the final marks manually in the system for the students under his/her scope OR the College Exam Dept. This would be done based on the question paper set

Rg Result generation and notification

College Exam Dept Officer will generate the reports and publish. Result format would be customized based on the format provided by the College

Rl Rank list preparation

Configurable rank master would be provided where by based on the rules ranks of the students would be generated and printed

Re Re-evaluation

Student can apply online for re-evaluation of recently conducted exams up to a certain date. Fees for re-evaluation can be paid online or by cash/draft. Fee-paid students will be assigned to moderators for each subject.

Moderators will update the re-evaluated marks in the system.
Record of marks before re-evaluation will be preserved
Results of Re-evaluation students will be published by Examination Dept officials

Gc Grade card generation

Based on the rules defined on ranks and grades for degree courses grade cards would be printed in the College format

Ts Transcript sheet generation

Detailed mark sheet as transcript for students would be provided

Dg Degree generation

Degree rules would be configured in the system so that the degree through which student is passed out would be derived automatically from the system

Cp Certificates printing

Certificates will be printed automatically from the system based on the rules defined

RAS Result Announcement System

ER Examination Result declaration through online portal

Results can be accessed on the online portal by the student

ERS Examination Result by SMS on mobile phones

SMS will be sent on publishing of result by the College (Note: SMS gateway to be made available by the College

Rr Revaluation results

Result  Report would be made available which can be published if required

CP Convocation Process

  • Online Application/Registration form
  • Online fee payment
  • Confirmation with issue of certificate