Admission Management

Admission Management System

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Sub Modules

MU Maintain University

Registration of the University can be done as well as university details such as, Name, Address, etc. can be added.

The academic year can be started when the courses/programs are added into the system.

CR College Registration

College registration form is available for colleges to register online

MC Maintain Colleges

Colleges with their various categorization can be entered into the system by registering all the information of their program, courses, departments etc.

IEU Import/Export Utility

Facility of import and export is available for importing students, courses, result etc data in excel, CSV or SQl format

PC Programs Creation

Facility to create different types of programs (such as Diploma, Certificate, Graduate & Postgraduate etc) can be added.

CC Courses/ Subjects Creation

Facility to create Courses/Subjects. College/College EDP staff will create in the system. The courses can be mapped to an appropriate program & semester.

OR Online Registration

Students can register themselves as will as will be able to select the courses for that program.

OA Online Admission

Facility to create Courses/Subjects. College/College EDP staff will create in the system. The courses can be mapped to an appropriate program & semester.

OAP Online Admission Portal config

The program can be configured using this screen. i.e. we can set the prospectus fee amount, entrance fee amount, whether monthly timetable is to be set or not.

ORW Offline Registration/Walk-ins

Student details can be saved as well program registration can be done by the admin cell.

SRP Student Registration Process

Post the centralized admission or entrance registration of the students would be done in the system and fee category applicable with the quota or non-quota system would be allotted

SEP Students Eligibility Process

Students eligibility process is available whereby document verification can be done once their profile is submitted

SiF Students information System

University or the board can access the information related to all the colleges centrally. Approval and rejection of the students based on any criteria can be handled automatically from the system

AC Admission Cancellation

Cancellation configurable rules can be defined in the system and admission cancellation with fees refund process can be followed.

AT Admission Transfer

Facility to Transfer from one college to other in case of multi campus is also available.

SP Student Profile (Mailing and SMS list)

Students registered through the online application will be imported to iWeb EMS and entire profile will be maintained

R-re Re-registration

Students with backlog courses or repeaters can register in the colleges and the complete process is available related to that

ENo Enrollment and roll number generation

Roll numbers will be generated by the system for all applicants who get confirmed admission after paying fees

CR Course Registration

Student’s portal is enabled once the fees is paid. Eligibility is approved and admission is granted. Students can select the courses from the offered courses if they are optional or electives. It has feature to register for backlog courses also.

SPT Single click Program/Semester Transfer

Student registration to the other program after completion of one program as well as students can be promoted to the next sem / term /year for the existing program.

SCT Special Configurable Treatment for Reserve class students

Configuration screen for reservation. As per the Govt. rules of reservations, some seats will be reserved in each course

CEG Configurable Enrollment Generation

HGM Hotel & Guest House Management

  • Maintain Hostels
  • Allocation of Rooms
  • Managing Hostel Assets
  • Online Hostel/Guest house application
  • Guest house Room Records
  • Managing Assets Allocation
  • Guest house check in – check out