HRMS & Payroll

Our HRMS & Payroll Management module will digitize your University, College, School or even Coaching Classes / Tutorials with ease. Kindly check out our sub modules and pick and choose what fits best for the HRMS & Payroll Automation for your Institute today.

We cover end to end Payroll rules for Indian Government University digitization & hence its highly localized as required by Indian Government Universities.

Processes like Service Book Management integrated to Pension and PF modules aides the institute & its employees in their day to day HRMS execution & hassle free quick operation!

Sample Screens

Sub Modules

PIM Personal Information Management System

  • Employee Records
  • Employee Confirmation
  • Employee Increment
  • Employee Name change
  • Employee Transfer
  • Service Book

RM Recruitment Management

  • HR Requisition form
  • Online Job Application Form
  • Screening of Resume
  • Shortlisting Resumes/Candidates
  • Conducting Interviews & Rating
  • Offer and Appointment Process
  • Joining Process

AM Attendance Management

  • Shift Management
  • Overtime Management
  • Early Going Late Coming Management
  • Integration with Attendance device (Format required is SQL or .XLS)

LM Leave Management

  • Setup leave records
  • Setup leave Policy
  • Leave Application Approval
  • Leave Accrual
  • Leave Encashment

PM Payroll Management

  • Declaration of Investments
  • Claims and Reimbursement
  • Arears Management
  • Processing attendance and leave from the above modules based on the pay structure defined

PM Pension Management

  • Define Pension Rate
  • Set Pension Opening Balance
  • Pension Monthly update
  • Pension Ledger
  • My Pension Statement in Employee Self Service Portal

PFM Provident Fund Management

  • Define PF Rate
  • Set PF Opening Balance
  • PF Monthly update
  • PF Ledger
  • My PF Statement in Employee Self Service Portal

PM Project Management

  • Core/University Proposed grant
  • Core/University Grant Sanction
  • Core/University Grant Release
  • Revised Core Proposal
  • Personal Grant Allotment
  • Allotment of Project Cordinators/Incharge/Project Assistant
  • Personal Grants
  • Proposed Project/Center Master
  • Project Sanction Master
  • Project Grant Release Master
  • Budget Re-appropriation
  • Budget sheet V/s Actual Sheet
  • Budgeting of Expenses
  • Receipts and Payments
  • Project Incharge project wise details
  • Budget Utilization Report
  • Print UC/SOE

SI Summer Internships

  • Listing students for summer internships
  • Assign companies for the internships
  • Project details
  • Project / Internship Feedback

PM Placement Management

  • Registering Companies
  • Apply for Placement- Staff portal              
  • Placement Feedback
  • Interview management
  • Allocation of students to the selected firms