Happenings @iWeb 2021

So the last few months of 2021 have been really difficult in terms of customer deliveries due to extended COVID and closures have been tough too, although in the FREEMIUM Model we have partners getting in business and as we talk we have crossed the threshold of 10 Universities, 450 colleges and over 7 lac students on our platform, still the going is tough and customer expectation & deliveries are taking some friction due to COVID.

We could not raise our Pre Series A last year due to COVID and hence now we have revived it as we know on the FREEMIUM Model we will easily cross 1 million students on our platform in the next quarter or so and then we will need the cash in the bank to execute & move faster. Our Ultimate goal is to touch 1.5 million by March 2022 as then the ultimate goal will be to touch 2.5 and then 5 million higher education students on our platform and more than 25 Universities and 2500 odd colleges as we move forward.

I am going to blog regularly on multiple topics related to iWeb and also the industry in general so keep on checking it here, every week I will try to add some new perspective and the way forward….Cheers!

Akshay Shah

Founder CEO iWeb.